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Kindly find your help on the below,

I'm a beginner and I've Bulk of questions.

I've downloaded postfix 2.10.2.tar.gz to install on RHEL server 5.9. Installation will be performed via source code.

I need to modify basic paths settings,

1 - I installed SW.

2 - Edited paths in /etc/postfix/ after installation.

3 - Moving files to new paths.

4 - Running postfix start >> I've this error message " no such file/directory /etc/postfix/ which is the original sample directory.

I tried another approach,

1 - Configure before installation with needed paths.

2 - install SW

3 - Strange settings in happened :D .. sample directory /etc/postfix which is the original setting get back and take place of my modified path same happened with /var/spool/postfix

  • How can I modify paths please ? Don't ask me why :D ?

  • I've postfix 2.3 installed on other machine, running find / -name postfix .. I found different paths For Example: - in postfix 2.3 we've: /usr/sbin/postfix

      - in postfix 2.10 we don't have the following:

I hope to find your help/explanation for this difference, Am I installed anything wrong ?

My last Question is : How to uninstall it as it's installed via source code ? - I always ran "make tidy"

  • then delete files by hand

I need you also to validate this :)

Sorry for long story & thanks in advance !!

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most likely you will find all these changes in the release notes of postfix in the corresponding releases or in between. so as a wise senior admin said to me.. (many many times) ;) RTFM

another tip for when compiling from source is that you run the ./configure command with a --prefix option. so it will put the software you made in a single directory tree and not spread around the operating system. Compiling with a prefix will help you a lot if u made a booboo and u realized it after running the make install command.

Maybe check out the ./configure --help it will show you that it has an armada of options to influence paths or options you want or dont want in your software.

Why dont you make life a lot easier and install postfix via yum (in case of redhat it requires a rhn subscription). Seeing you are a beginner you might be putting yourself a little bit in to deep. If there isnt a really good reason for compiling from source you should probably just steer away from it. It makes patch management difficult and annoying. a good postfix configuration in itself is already a challenge ;)

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Don't install postfix from source, use the RPMs RHEL provides. That way you get a working config, security updates and Red Hat support. And given that you're so far out of your depth on this one, any one of these reasons should be good enough.

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I am sorry but this is the case :( And I've to fix the above issues: 1- modify directories to my own. 2- How to uninstall ? 3- feel frightened from not finding postfix under some paths as mentioned above. any advices ? – DeepoOoOoz Jan 17 '14 at 10:48
reinstall the box? – Dennis Kaarsemaker Jan 17 '14 at 10:48
Can you validate my wat to uninstall first, please ? – DeepoOoOoz Jan 17 '14 at 10:49

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