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I want to let users use git and GitHub for code development, partly to let them work on their personal computers occasionally. So git would keep track of development across user accounts on the server, but also with other computers via GitHub.

The first problem is that the GitHub app cannot be published as a RemoteApp with the ClickOnce installer they used. And user accounts are not allowed to install anything, so that won't work. Is there a common workaround? (I sheepishly asked the question first on SuperUser: http://superuser.com/q/703228/173181)

Second, it would be great if I could keep users off the internet, as they currently are. Of course, this makes it highly unlikely that their GitHub accounts could work. But maybe I am missing something about a possible setup with the repo being on the server and some git magic getting done there. Even if so, could that be combined with the use of GitHub, then?

Admin accounts can access the internet, though we don't use it to run services now, only when an admin RDPs in.


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