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Is there any file system - or monitoring tool - which logs which users have read and written which files?

Something like this:

2014-01-21 13:45:45  john  12939  /users/john/hello.txt   write
2014-01-21 13:45:55  paul  12939  /users/john/hello.txt   read

This should be restrictable to certain folders (only user files are interesting, not system files).

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You can try to install auditd. It is a useful tool to setup watches for specific files/folders operations. It support different operations: r=read, w=write, x=execute, a=attribute.

You can add a specific watch with a specific filter key for easy search.

Here is a simple page that explains how to install and use auditd.

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For Linux, auditd it's a well tested solution. Windows has builtin tools for auditing file access.

Use this tools carefully, auditing can impact on the server's performance if not used wisely.

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Interesting! However I am on OS X, which seems to have a slightly non-standard implementation of auditd with sparse documentation. Anyone know how to work this? – forthrin Jan 27 '14 at 7:48

Have a look at this question linux-file-access-monitoring

It mentions two ways of achieving what you need but I think the second suits better your needs:

It seems to have little dependency and provide the exact functionnality that you need.

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