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I have a WordPress install on a dedicated server with decent memory (upwards of 8GB).

The WordPress install includes many plugins - 50 active plugins. Most important to note is the WPML plugin to make WordPress multilingual. The theme is Weaver II Pro.

The stack is LAMP - CentOS 6.3, Apache 2.4.4, Percona MySQL, PHP-FPM.

I have been quite stupid, and didn't set up a test or staging server.

Everything was running fine till I updated to WordPress 3.8, and also updated several plugins at the same time.

I didn't pay attention at the time, but all my widgets got messed up, and so did any sort of navigation etc.

I enabled error_log for a bit, i.e.

ini_set('error_reporting', E_ALL);
ini_set('error_log', dirname(__FILE__) . '/error_log.txt');

This resulted in an immense file - basically the error_log grows by about a GB every 4 minutes or so.

The primary error I found in the error log was database server disconnect, better known as

MySQL server has gone away

As suggested at Rackspace, I edited my.cnf to add

wait_timeout = 60

Didn't help.

Also added caching to my.cnf

query_cache_type = 1
query_cache_limit = 8M
query_cache_size = 512M

Didn't help.

(and yes, I restarted mysql every time I edited my.cnf)

Also tried the method suggested here: In wp-db.php before

$this->select( $this->dbname, $this->dbh );

I added

$this->query("set session wait_timeout=600" );

Didn't help.

I'm at my wit's end. Please help!

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does setting max_allowed_packet to something higher help you (in your my.cnf)? Like: max_allowed_packet = 16M

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Did the trick :-) – OC2PS Jan 27 '14 at 14:18

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