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I'm using iptables for years, because it is a straightforward solution without any magic. But now I'm building a router for myself, I found there are many useful features provided by Shorewall.

Is it possible to use iptables and Shorewall on the same time? I know Shorewall is just a frontend of iptables. But I don't know whether cause a conflict.

Also, I need to block tons of addresses, so ipset is the perfect solution. Is it safe to use all these three firewalls?

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As you said :

Shorewall is just a frontend of iptables

So, in your opinion, what could be a very good reason to use both ?

Furthermore, ipsets can be used with pure iptables, but Shorewall also supports ipsets : http://www.shorewall.net/ipsets.html

So, i would say : use iptables OR Shorewall (as front-end).

Using both makes no sense.

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