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I know how to find and replace certain string through files, but I'm interested how could I find and replace whole files? e.g. I would like to find all info.php files that were modified at specific time and replace them with another file.

Something like:

find -f /home/ -name -exec cp -f  /var/somefile.php {}


I'm not sure how to add so it will only search for files that were modified, e.g., at 20.1.2014

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find has an -mtime filter you can use for that.

For more elaborate search-and-replace, you can also use a shell loop.

    find WHATEVER | while read f ; do
       ## add your own test here, like …
       # fgrep -qs "do not delete" "$f" && continue
       cp -f /what/ever "$f"

For supplying find with exact dates, use something along the lines of -newermt 2014-01-20 \! -newermt 2014-01-21.

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