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I am trying to install ElementaryOS as a pv guest on my server for testing purposes.

Elementary OS is a fork of Ubuntu Precise. Elementary does not come with PV support, however, I can obtain the corresponding ubuntu images from:

[mirror]/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/xen/initrd.gz [mirror]/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/xen/vmlinuz

Here is a copy of my elementaryOS.cfg

name = "elementary"
kernel = "/home/curios/elementary/vmlinuz"
ramdisk = "/home/curios/elementary/initrd.gz"
memory = "1024"
disk = [ "phy:/dev/vg0/elementary,sda1,w", "file:/home/curios/elementary/elementaryos-stable-amd64.20130810.iso,sdb,r" ]
vif = ['bridge=xenbr0']
on_reboot = 'destroy'
on_poweroff = 'destroy'

So far it's working but I just got the following error which I am concerned about. Would somebody look over my cfg and make sure I have everything set up correctly?

  ┌────────────────────────┤ [!!] Partition disks ├─────────────────────────┐
  │                                                                         │
  │ Error informing the kernel about modifications to partition             │
  │ /dev/xvda1p1 -- Invalid argument.  This means Linux won't know about    │
  │ any changes you made to /dev/xvda1p1 until you reboot -- so you         │
  │ shouldn't mount it or use it in any way before rebooting.               │
  │                                                                         │
  │ ERROR!!!                                                                │
  │                                                                         │
  │                                Ignore                                   │
  │                                Cancel                                   │
  │                                                                         │
  │     <Go Back>                                                           │
  │                                                                         │

Of course, I could just install elementaryOS as an HVM guest, but this is more challenging.

Thank you for your help and advice

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Original post: Xen project Mailing List

Looks like you're mapping the LV as xvda1. Don't do that if you're
using OS installer. Map it as xvda instead.

You should only map block devices as (xv/s/h)da1 if you're using tools
like debootstrap/yum or doing manual copy from an existing system.

Also if you want to use ext4 as "/", don't forget to have a separate
/boot with ext3 since like Mark said, by default Centos' pygrub
doesn't support ext4.


In my case, i've changed in filename.cfg xvda1 to xvda (see example):

disk        = [
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Thank you, it's been sometime since I've thought about this problem but I believe I solved it just as you described - by mapping it to xvda. – curios May 26 '14 at 23:02

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