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I need to run my stats collecting daemon & send alerts, when it is down. I tried thousands of variants.. and last was:

check process collect-stats with pidfile /var/run/nodeutils/
  start program = "/var/nodeutils/collect-stats.js &> /var/log/nodeutils/collect-stats.log &"
  stop  program = "/bin/kill `/bin/cat /var/run/nodeutils/`"

Anyway, monit is unable to startup this script. I am able to start this daemon myself up from console. Can't get why it is not working. Any ideas?

I even have written init.d script, from console it is working ok.. but monit is unable to start daemon using it :(

Working on debian wheezy.

P.S. adding lines from monit logs:

[MSK Jan 26 04:21:05] error    : 'collect-stats' process is not running
[MSK Jan 26 04:21:05] info     : 'collect-stats' trying to restart
[MSK Jan 26 04:21:05] info     : 'collect-stats' start: /usr/bin/env
[MSK Jan 26 04:21:35] error    : 'collect-stats' failed to start
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In Monit logfile, is the restart event triggered ? – krisFR Jan 27 '14 at 12:45
@user2196728 i am not sure i understand what are you talking about. I see that action "restart" is planned in recevied emails (if you ment this). I've added lines from monit log file. – avasin Jan 28 '14 at 13:45
@user2196728 when i start script manually (using copy-paste from monit config) it starts normally and monit adds "'collect-stats' started" line to log. – avasin Jan 28 '14 at 13:46

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