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I have installed Postfix 2.10.2/Dovecot 2.2.5 on RHEL 5.9 from a source code, I forced Installation to be in my own directories not Defaults,

I need to add Postfix/Dovecot under services or init.d to deal with it as a service and make sure that it'll be initiated in boot automatically ?

I can't find Postfix/Dovecot in service list.

Alternatively : I create crontab job to initiate Postfix/Dovecot after any reboot.

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Have you tried to use chkconfig to set this up? –  ponsfonze Jan 26 at 10:50
chkconfig won't help if the install process didn't add an init script. –  Paul Gear Jan 26 at 12:06
@DeepoOoOoz, why did you install from source? Earlier versions of postfix & dovecot are available on RHEL 5. Is there a particular reason you need those versions? If so, you might be better off installing them on a system with more up-to-date versions provided by the distro rather than trying to maintain them from source. –  Paul Gear Jan 26 at 12:18
Thanks for answers ... I did that for business reasons .. I am sure that there is a way to add it to services and init script .. but i didn't find that way till now .. any recommendations ? –  DeepoOoOoz Jan 26 at 13:11
I did it .. via this linuxfromscratch.org/lfs/view/development/chapter07/… ... #make install-postfix and I've postfix under init.d now :) –  DeepoOoOoz Jan 26 at 13:30
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