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I have setup Active Directory Certificate Services with Web Enrollment and I have the following error when enrolling certificate on other computers that are in the same domain :

Certificate enrollment for Local system failed in authentication to all urls for enrollment server associated with policy id: {4C83C22A-975D-4B74-8300-B61D978FF2C2} (Provider could not perform the action since the context was acquired as silent. 0x80090022 (-2146893790 NTE_SILENT_CONTEXT)). Failed to enroll for template: MyCertificateTemplate

Users can enroll certificates with their account on my computer but not on other computers even if their computers are in the same domain. ADCS & Web Enrollment service are on a remote server.

Why? How can an acquired a context without being in silent?

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I have same situation for Windows 7 clients. I dont have this patch yet. But maybe this link will help you.

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