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hope you can help me with this one... We have a Xenserver 6 with 4 320 Gig disks as a one LVM Volume Group. Suddenly past friday one disk failed and we were unable to start the server. I have tried to access the logical volumes using sysresccd, but no success, even trying with kpartx but nothing. It seems that only 2 lvs are damaged the rest are fine an has LV status as available So we added a new disk and installed xenserver 6 using the procedure shown here How to Reinstall a XenServer Host and Preserve Virtual Machines on the Local Storage

Already introduced the new SR with xe sr-introduce with success, but when trying to create the PBD, I only can create one per SR but the repo is composed by 4 disks so I dont know how to add the PBD, or what to do next.

Any help will be apprecciated, Thanks

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