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It's possible to view the Package-List of a debian/ubuntu package, using the package management tools like apt, aptitude or dpkg?

I need to list the packages provided by a package, the list is visible in the dsc file:

Example: Section Package-List.

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See . A short answer is that you can not generate a .dsc file from a binary .deb package. A somewhat longer answer is that you can get information out of an installed package with dpkg-query(1) (see accompanied manual page and section for -f, --showformat especially). – Sami Laine Jan 28 '14 at 9:02
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You can use apt-cache showsrc and use awk (or similar tools) to get the output you want:

$ apt-cache showsrc lxc | awk '/Package-List/{a=1;next}/^[^ ]/{a=0}a{print $1}'
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