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I have RHEL machine that runs postgres-9.1 database.

In a particular time, sar output shows as follows:

Refer link for snapshot:,vNwTpwC#0

where as %user is high between 12:50 AM and 1:50 AM & others are asusual, and later the usage of %user goes down. I'm observing this daily.

ps aux outl shows as follows: Refer link for snapshot:,vNwTpwC#1

I had gone through cron jobs and found that nothing is running.

Please help me out what could be the problem!

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Do you have any scheduled jobs within postgresql? Any backup processes or anything that could be triggered to run at a specific time? – Steve Butler Jan 29 '14 at 20:50
I'd try and get more detail about the SELECT that it says is running. It could be badly formed and just running out of control. – Hunter Eidson Jan 29 '14 at 21:12

Your screenshot shows that some client using IP adress is running some select query. This client connected at 00:46 and it's corresponding Postgres process has used over 57 minutes of processor time.

Search for a cron job on a computer with IP adress starting every day at about 00:46.

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