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I've got MRTG configured to look at disk space on some of my servers, here's the snippet from my mrtg.cfg file:

EnableIPv6: no
WorkDir: /var/www/mrtg

Factor[_]: 4
YTicsFactor[_]: 4
YLegend[_]: Bytes
kMG[_]: k,M,G,T,P

Title[server.server]: DISK / USAGE
MaxBytes[server.server]: 10000000000
PageTop[server.server]: <h1>Server /server</h1>
Options[server.server]: gauge,nopercent,nolegend,growright
ShortLegend[server.server]: b
kilo[server.server]: 1024
LegendI[server.server]: Disk Size
LegendO[server.server]: Disk Usage

The daily graph looks right (the server does have a bit less than a terrabyte of storage, and it's using a good bit of it):

Daily graph

But the weekly, monthly, and yearly all don't seem to be using the higher units in generating the Y Axis scale. I mean, the numbers are right, but I'd like them in G, not in k:

Weekly graph

I'm running on a CentOS 6.5 system, and the mrtg package is 2.16.2-7.el6.

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