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This is the issue:

All programs works fine in the network. A Command line console, elevated with UAC, can make a ping and everything works fine.

A command line, runnning as standar user, says General Failure when you make ping.

We try:

  1. Resseting IPv4 and IPv6 stack.
  2. Reset WinSock
  3. Diable McAfee anti virus

What more should you do?

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What is the issue? –  canadmos Jan 30 '14 at 23:51
A command line, runnning as standard user, says General Failure when you make ping. Running as administrator works as espected. –  Ricardo Polo Jan 30 '14 at 23:53
Because ping is important to the standard user in what way? –  joeqwerty Jan 31 '14 at 0:05
Ping should not require elevated permissions. I bet it's your antivirus. Even though you disabled it. Disable it harder. –  Ryan Ries Jan 31 '14 at 1:57
maybe it's a virus, never seen something like this. If you didn't want to format the machine or you have no time to investigare more, I suggest you to give a try to "runasspc" tool by menas of which I solved many issues with old software. In your case this would be a workaround, of course. –  SampeiMihira Feb 2 '14 at 18:55

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