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I'm trying to fix a problem in a Chef recipe for installing / configuring ClamAV which is caused by the recipe using the wrong default user/group name for the clam service account on some platforms.

It seems that:

  • On CentOS 6, the service account is "clam"
  • On Fedora 19, the service account is "clamupdate"
  • On Ubuntu 12.04, the service account is "clamav".

Based on this, I'm guessing that the pattern can be generalized (in Chef terms) to:

  • Debian family - "clamav"
  • RHEL family - "clam"
  • Fedora family - "clamupdate"


  1. Have I over-simplified this?

  2. Does anyone know of any examples that contradict this? (Lets assume that we are talking about the "recommended" RPMs / DEBs for the respective platforms ...)

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I think you would have to check every distribution individually. – Michael Hampton Feb 3 '14 at 1:49
Well yes, if I had the time to do that I would do that. (Especially, if there was a way that didn't involve examining a zillion RPMs by hand). But I'm just hoping that either someone has already done the hard work ... or if someone just knows of a case where my pattern is wrong. – Stephen C Feb 3 '14 at 2:23
I wouldn't say that you have to check zillion distros by hand. Use the best of your knowledge. If you or anybody finds it being wrong, it is a small bug and can be fixed. OTOH you might have a look at test-kitchen, which allows you to test large amounts of distros automatically. – StephenKing Feb 3 '14 at 7:17

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