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Anyone knows if it's possible to disregard failed logins to certain services in WHM/CSF by country ? e.g. I would like that users that are accessing server from my country, don't get banned if they fail their login few times. But, if someone fail from other country, he would get banned.

There are options CC_DENY/ALLOW in CSF that can be used to "filter" IP addresses by country. Anyone tried to do something like this ?

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CC_DENY/ALLOW sometimes do not work. I have tried them on my server, cannot be trusted.

Other option is to use the file "csf.ignore", you can put the ipaddresses in that file and restart both csf and lfd. It should work.

You can get IP ranges for countries from different website. Just google for them.

Also note that if you enable cphulk, it can also block the IP addresses.


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