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I have an exchange 2007 server (win2003) over a vmware cluster. I want see the blocksize of some disks. But looks that fsutil does not work properly because it does not give me any output.

c:\>fsutil fsinfo drives

Unità: A:\ C:\ D:\ E:\ P:\ S:\ X:\ Z:\

c:\>fsutil fsinfo volumeinfo c:
Error:  La sintassi del nome del file, della directory o del volume è incorretta.

c:\>fsutil fsinfo ntfsinfo c:

the second command give me the error in italian that translated is something like: "the syntax of the file name, of the directory or of the volume is incorrect. But the third command (the one I am interested in) does not give me any output. The question is: WHY ??

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can you try with backslash, c:\ –  dusan.bajic Feb 4 at 12:08

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