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I have an Amazon EC2 Windows 2012 server. It is configured with a dozen sites, one of which is an FTP site that requires SSL. Currently it's set with:

  • Basic Authorization
  • Specific group for authorization in read-only mode
  • Firewall data channel port range: 0-0
  • External IP address of firewall is set to the server's elastic IP.
  • FTP SSL is set to required and the correct certificate is selected.

The server's firewall is disabled, and the only firewall in play is the Amazon Security Groups. The security group is configured to allow incoming ports 20-21, 1024 - 1432, 1434 - 3388, and 3390 - 65535. Effectively this should allow any port range used by FTP and indeed it does if I use a non-SSL connection in FileZilla. Every other FTP site on the server works just fine, but they're non-SSL so that's probably why.

Since I do have multiple FTP sites on this server, I do enable the host names, and consequently the host name is part of the log in. That being said, I don't think it's a log in issue, I think the server is just refusing the connection for some reason I can't figure out.

How can I go about fixing this? Help will be highly appreciated!

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Can you offer any debug? –  Drew Khoury Mar 10 at 21:58

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