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I've searched the internet for the answer, but I can't find it and this is because DNS management is not exactly in my skillset. I want to use Amazon AWS Route53 to host a multi tenant php application with loadbalancer and ec2 insances. I currently have my domain example.com forwarded to route53 and residing in a hosted zone. This part is working fine and the domain example.com is pointing to the correct instance. However I want to create subdomains like

ns1.example.com and ns2.example.com

so that I can use them as name servers for other domains. Let's say I want to forward mydomain2.com to the loadbalancer by changing mydomain2.com's name servers to ns1.example.com and ns2.example.com. However I'm not sure how I shoud add both subdomains ns1 and ns2 and point them to the LB in the amazon Route53 gui console.

I will be thankful for any assistance.

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Neither ns1 or ns2 are subdomains, they are just fully qualified domain names in the example.com zone. A name like ns1.kik.example.com would be an example of a subdomain. Honestly, if you are not versed in DNS management, I'd recommend doing a little reading, or maybe letting someone do it for you, as incorrectly configured DNS can cause huge headaches, downtime, and lost clients.. –  NickW Feb 5 at 14:08
Possible duplicate of serverfault.com/questions/494694/… ... this is not how Route 53, or DNS in general, works. –  Michael - sqlbot Feb 5 at 17:08
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