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I have a windows 8.1 machine that I have installed the Hyper-v role on. We also have a couple of 2012 servers running hyper-v. I am currently managing them from my PC to make life easier.

When I connect to a remote host, I can see all of the VMs. However, when I close the manager, the connection to that host is not remembered, meaning when I next open it, I have to manually re-connect.

Not the end of the world, but was just wondering if there was a way to make the manager keep these connections as persistent so I don't have to go through this process on every start up?

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This happens because the MMC provided by Microsoft you are launching is read-only. Create your own MMC that can save your changes:

  1. In the Start menu, type MMC and press enter.
  2. From the File menu, pick Add/Remove Snap-in.
  3. Add the Hyper-V Manager Span-In.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Add all of your Hyper-V servers.
  6. Close and save your MMC.
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Have created one with a few different snap-ins, Exchange, Hyper-V and AD UAC. I have added two hyper-v hosts, and saved the mmc. When reopening, it only has my local hyper-v host listed, and not the remote ones I added previously. –  Eds Feb 6 at 15:47
Hmmm, ignore that. It seems that if I go to file, save as... it does not save the remote hosts. If I add the hosts, then just close the console, saying yes to save when prompted, it saved it. –  Eds Feb 6 at 15:48
Did you happen to set the Console Mode to User instead of Author? –  longneck Feb 6 at 15:49
I don't think so, i'm pretty sure it is in Author mode. –  Eds Feb 7 at 10:24

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