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I use WDS to deploy images onto Windows PCs and laptops at work. Whenever we add a new model to be imaged, I'm usually confronted with obstacles to getting the new necessary drivers into the boot image for capturing or installing.

For example, for HP 4300 AIO PCs, I needed to extract the driver installer packages from .exe to a set of files with 7-zip, then extract a more deeply embedded file to find the required .inf file to load into the boot image via WDS's "add driver package" option.

When I started imaging Lenovo t430s, I had to download InnoExtract to get the .inf file out, because, as I understand it, driver installers created with more recent versions of InnoSetup can't be drilled into deeply enough by 7-zip to get a .inf file.

Bringing me finally to the question... We are just now starting to deploy HP ProOne600 G1 AIOs, as we are committed to HP and this is the best bang for the buck we can find in terms of specs on an AIO. However, it comes annoyingly bundled with a wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, and a USB receiver.

I spent much of today struggling to get drivers into my boot images for these 3 items. InnoExtract, CabExtract, UnShield, 7-Zip, and UniExtract all failed me (or I failed them). Does anyone know how I can get these drives into the image?

Perhaps there is a way to get the required .inf from installed drivers? Or a better extraction method for these ones? Or is getting the wireless peripherals to work simply futile (it may seem so on the face of it, but given that they work all the way up until the WDS boot image has actually loaded, I believe they can probably be made to work). To be clear, general advice you might have about getting recent drivers into WDS boot images is helpful to me, even if you don't know about this driver in particular (if you do, all the better).

It may seem trifling to ask such a long question just to get some wireless peripherals to work, but the thing is that I need to push these images out to several WDS servers in different states across the USA, and myself and my team members often find ourselves simultaneously blasting 5~ images onto some PCs while juggling other work. We buy these PCs in volume, and I don't want to buy 50 wired keyboards so that each member of my team is prepared for a bulk imaging session. Getting these default wireless peripherals to work for the full imagining process would save us a substantial amount of time and money.


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Not an answer to your question directly, but you realize for most of these drivers, you can double click the installer, which will extract the .inf and other files to %temp% where you can copy them elsewhere and then cancel the installer, right? No need for all these crazy utilities. – MDMarra Feb 7 '14 at 2:54
Yes, but the utilities really aren't as time consuming as they sound ( [path]innoextract.exe setup.exe and you're done). I'm fairly sure I've found .inf files with them that weren't as easy to wrangle from %TEMP%, but I could be misremembering due to frustrating trial and error. That said, I just logged in to the server I'm working on remotely to run through your not-answer, and on my way to checking I noticed the HP Net Boot driver pack on the PC's driver page. I'll have to wait until to tomorrow to fully test, but your not-answer might have lead to unrelated-chance solution. Thanks! – HotSpringsPenPen Feb 7 '14 at 3:40

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