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I have a server with ls ubuntu 12.04 apache2 and mysql.

I have two sites on this server, example.com and example.org. The example.com is a site for a country that has timezone -4 (UTC-4) and example.org for a country with time zone -3 (UTC-3)​​. These sites present data bases in time. To be more friendly, I would like the example.com example.org sites and worked with their local schedules.

Is there any way of setting different time zones for sites (directories or files) on the server?

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AFAIK, there's no way to set the server time itself to be different on different directories.

However, Apache does have a way for you to set the timezone, via the SetEnv directive. specifically, SetEnv America/New_York. You could set this for each of your Virtual Hosts, and hopefully that will clear up your issue.

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Short answer: No.

Long answer: No; have the server use UTC and let the application convert the times.

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