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i need to debug a python script which is used in the exim transport pipe command. i already tried log_output but it logs only first line of the output returned by the python script which is a traceback error.

driver = pipe
command = /usr/bin/python /path/to/
group = mail
user = mail

i want to see full trackback error in mainlog in order to debug it. how to do that?

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You could try the return_output directive

return_output (pipe)

Type: boolean Default: false

If this option is true, and the command produced any output, the delivery is deemed to have failed whatever the return code from the command, and the output is returned in the delivery error message. Otherwise, the output is just discarded. However, if the message has a null sender (that is, it is a delivery error message), output from the command is always discarded, whatever the setting of this option.

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i was looking for output to be logged in logfile. but i got command output in the bounce mail(undelivered mail returned to sender).its enough.thankyou – hebrew878 Feb 12 '14 at 8:20

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