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I have Alfresco 4.2.c installed on a Windows Server 2012, linked, sync and SSO to a LDAP (working great).

I'm trying to use BFI ( to import a filesystem linked to the users of the LDAP (permissions of the FS are set on the users of the AD). But BFI doesn't import the permissions : however I try, if it does import the files / folders, it doesn't keep the permissions.

Example : I connect as Admin on BFI, and import a file that is owned by User1. In alfresco, although User1 exists (imported via LDAP), it's owned by Admin, and the permissions are set to readable to all. Any one has an idea on how to import permissions ?

If i'm not using the good tool, which one should I try ? I've been trying Open Migrate and Talend, but none of them seems to do the trick (or I'd appreciate having a tutorial that would explain that to me : I wasn't able to find one... :/)

Thanks a lot in advance !

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As stated by its name, the bulk file import tool does a bulk import. This means that only binary content is imported. Any metadata has to be defined in the xml file that define the import. ACEs (and so ACLs), associations and are not handled at all as shown bellow:

However using some scripting language to gather fioesystem acl and restore them using one of the many api alfresco provides should be possible without too much work.

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