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I was exploring about DKIM. I read an email which was sent via sendgrid and with application from remote server. My question is , how can assign the DKIM key of own server if sender id do not exist in your mail server. I generally use opendkim. When I tried sending email from application, SPF was passed, DKIM was not there in email Header . In mail log, it shows "No signing table abc@example.com"

I would like to setup this kind of mechanism. Can anyone guide me ?

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I found the answer after doing hit and trial.

First I tried with non secure method - Allowing all domain to get Mail server domain's dkim

Here, for eg. A record is sharadchhetri.com and MX is smtp.sharadchhetri.com

* default._domainkey.sharadchhetri.com

Restarted the opendkim and postfix(reload)

The problem get solved but here I was allowing all domains to get DKIM of sharadchhetri.com

Then, I edited the SigningTable and allow only for example.com to usem sharadchhetri.com dkim

*@example.com default._domainkey.sharadchhetri.com

Restarted opendkim and postfix reloaded.

It works perfectly. SPF and DKIM both get passed and no to spambox.

Welcome,to have alternate way or if you think the method is incorrect or insecure

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