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Are there any good alternatives to System Center 2012? I'm looking for a system platform that allows gives us a replacement for SCCM, SCOM, EdnPoitn Protection, DPM and Global Service Monitor and can run in the cloud to monitor/manage other servers in the cloud.

We have over 30 Windows 2012 servers that run in the public cloud (some in Azure, some in Rackspace and some in a third-party host) that we want to manage, match and monitor.

Our first preference was to use System Center 2012 Data Center Edition however in order to monitor/manage 30 servers in the public cloud we need 4 Licences for System Center 2012 Data Center Edition. This is the Licencing documentation

And the very last paragraph specifies:

Q: Can I extend a Server ML to manage applications running on the public cloud?

A: Yes, with the License Mobility through Software Assurance benefit, you can assign Server ML to manage applications running on a public cloud infrastructure. System Center 2012 R2 Standard licenses allow you to manage two virtual OSE in a public cloud, while System Center 2012 R2 Datacenter licenses allow you to manage up to eight virtual OSEs in a public cloud.

This statement on its own makes System Center 2012 unusable for us.

PS>> I know there is a duplicate question Are there complete System Center Configuration Manager alternatives? but that question is more than 3 years old and it's about System Center 2007.

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