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Let's assume we have the following topology for our network:

Host1------- Router1-------Router2----------Router3-------Host2

and we want to configure vrrp on the two hosts with keepalived so that they share they same virtual IP address. Let's also assume that currently Host1 holds the IP address and that Router1 & Router3 are in proxy arp mode. In case of a failover Host2 will start owning the VIP and before he starts sending vrrp advertisments he will send a gratuitous arp request so that the arp caches will be updated with the MAC address of Host2. ( even though vrrp supports vmacs, keepalived sends advertisments with the "real" mac of the interface that holds the ip). Since Router1 and Router2 are in proxy-arp mode how can we propagate the update of the arp cache sto that Router2 who cannot communicate directly with Host2 finds out about the change and starts sending packets to Host2 ?

Thanx a lot !

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