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I’m trying to expand a macro that contains an address with a subnet mask into a list with PF like so:

subnet1 = ""
subnet2 = ""
subnets = "{" $subnet1 $subnet2 "}"

But this results in a syntax error on the last line:

/etc/pf.conf:3: syntax error

It works fine with non-subnet mask addresses:

ip1 = ""
ip2 = ""
ips = "{" $ip1 $ip2 "}"

I’m using PF from FreeBSD 10.0 (≈ PF from OpenBSD 4.5). How can I get this to work?

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You have to quote the subnet mask addresses again (with single quotes) when defining:

subnet1 = "''"
subnet2 = "''"
subnets = "{" $subnet1 $subnet2 "}"

Sadly this doesn’t appear to be documented anywhere.

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