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I was running my AD DS and DNS on an evaluation copy of Windows (let's call it old server). It was getting restarted after every 1 hour. So I installed a new machine with licensed version and created a replica of my old server using:


Even I have transferred all 5 FSMO roles to my new server using ntdsutil command.

Both old and new were windows server 2012. After creating replica successfully I have got all users and everything. But now if I shutdown my old server and try ping on my new server it is going for that old server only and it says host unreachable.

Also when I open Administrative center on new server it says "cannot connect to any domain. Refresh or try again when connection is available".

DNS settings of new are given in images below. It is pointing to itself. Still when I type ping it ping to IP of old instead of new. Please help. I am a beginner please give a bit detailed answer to help me understand.

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Picture is missing. Anyway, that's a DNS issue: check the DNS server (if you can: fixing an AD without any working DNS is a bitch) –  Stephane Feb 17 '14 at 9:33

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