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I am getting huge amount of these in my mail log, and unable to find its originator. What could be the reason? Here is log entry:

postfix/cleanup[9626]: 4413082E40: message-id=<20140220102521.4413082E40@mail.mmnc.co.uk>
postfix/qmgr[9367]: 4413082E40: from=<double-bounce@mail.mmnc.co.uk>, size=255, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
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Have you added or changed anything recently? If things like content_filters, or milters are not functioning correctly, you can see errors similar to this. –  NickW Feb 20 at 10:49
nothing changed –  Farhan Feb 20 at 10:55
Can you grep out all examples of that message-id ? –  NickW Feb 20 at 11:25
@Farhan : Mmmh... looks like two different process with different purposes log the message they handle one time each. Splitting the log of "cleanup" and "qmgr" can be temporary workaround. –  user2284570 May 3 at 11:22

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The double-bounce messages are used by postfix for address verification.

You may find more detail here...


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