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I'm having difficulty with memory usage on my VPS (CentOS) running PHP sites.

Until now I have been able to change things and reboot to try to analyze and fix things before the memory usage climbs again, but now when I type reboot it can't even do that.

How can I reboot my VPS machine and get out of this catch-22?

alt text

5 minutes later: now memory is almost totally maxed out, what could be causing this and how can I begin to fix it when the response time when logged in via SSH is so slow?

alt text

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Press the virtual power button (the VPS control panel provided by your hosting company should have this capability).

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In addition, I'd suggest running with at least a little bit of swap. The Linux kernel becomes very perturbed on a system with 0 swap. – mikegrb Sep 16 '09 at 3:56
no swap is definently asking for trouble. – Antoine Benkemoun Dec 10 '09 at 14:35

Your VPS providers control panel may also have a feature which allows you to borrow additional ram for short periods of time to get out of tight spots like this.

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