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I have a LinkSys RV042 Dual Wan Router in my office. I am using it in smartlink mode, so that when primary fails, the backup link takes over.

The problem is that backup link is highly under-utilized. I have a dev machine that periodically replicates data from a production server. I would like to route all of this dev's machine's traffic through the backup link. Is it possible?

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If you put the RV042 in Load Balancing mode, you can set it to send traffic from an IP address or service over a specific WAN interface. You can find more details in this Cisco support doc (you might need to register before you can view it)

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I've never done this before but why don't you see if you can setup a dedicated rounte from the dev machine to the net using a custom route? I've done custom routing for VPN issues, but never trying to force a machine out a specific WAN put.

In the RV042, select Setup, then Advanced Routing, you should be able to add a route for the dev machine to the backup WAN port/IP.

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