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I have to setup some open source log monitoring on a centralized syslog server. A lot of machines (windows, linux) and some routers and switches sending their logs there.

Many years ago when I had to do similar setup I used logcheck which is the improved version of logsentry but I'm sure there are many free alternatives for this out there.

I do not need fancy stuff like storing events in database or displaying them on some web frontend. All I need is an easy to configure solution which regularly goes through all the machines logs, find suspicious events in them and send me an email about them. I need a tool which can be easily configured to ignore all the "noise". I don't want to receive hundreds of emails from this every day.

What I found so far:

logcheck, logtail, logsentry, Swatch, SEC, OSSEC


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possible duplicate of Alternatives to Splunk? – user130370 Feb 26 '14 at 8:53
  • Logstash -> Kibana,
  • Logstash -> Greylog2
  • Logstash -> just about anything else

You may want to move this post to

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came here to say Logstash. It can be a bear to get up and running, depending on size, but it works great. – Couradical Feb 24 '14 at 21:36

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