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Sometimes I'd like to copy write something from one window to my editor or compare something.

So if I can put two workspace2 in one screen, so I can easily drag two windows to different workspace and get both fullscreen, and then start work on one of them.

Also I can buy another monitor, but it seems to cost too much and as the screen is getting bigger, two windows in one screen is acceptable.

Does X support a solution for this?

EDIT: I think what I want is related to this topic:

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Or you can look at other windows managers, such as wmii, awesome or ratpoison changing the workspace paradigm and allow a better use of screen estate.

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awesome seems support this feature. – Sam Liao Aug 24 '09 at 9:03

If all you need it dragging wwindows from one Workspace to another, the Desktop Effects in Linux gives you exactly what you want with all your workspaces on a cube, which you can:

  • rootate with the mouse
  • drag windows across the workspaces.

For more Info: you may refer to this Google books Link

However, this is in no way comparable to a 2-monitor workstation. You may even consider an old CRT which are available for Dirt cheap prices now

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Actually I mean two workspace in same screen at the same time. Maybe I should call this windows layout, automatically align different windows in the same screen. – Sam Liao Aug 24 '09 at 9:02

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