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I am testing VMM in a lab environment, I have one VM host machine with one physical network adapter that has been allocated an IP address in the subnet on a router.

I have create logical management network and a virtual management network (direct access, no virtualization), they are included on a logical switch which is bound to the physical adapter on the host machine. The logical network has an IP Pool which has the subnet, additionally my host machine has an virtual adapter with a static IP address of this is so that the host machine can see the VM's attached to the management network.

When I deploy a VM to the host with an vNIC attached to the virtual management network something very strange happens, or what I think is strange. Initially everything appears to work correctly, a vNIC is added to the VM:

During the deploy a vNIC is added

and an IP address from the correct pool is allocated to the vNIC

Correct IP address allocation

At this point all is well, everything is happening as I expect, however after the VM has warmed up, joined the domain, rebooted, etc. the following event appears:

The strange event

where the vNIC's address type is set to be dynamic, the allocated IP address is deallocated and it gets an IP address from the routers subnet

I am assuming that this is because the adapter reaches out and discovers that there is a DHCP server through the hosts adapter and requests an address from the router. Although I would have thought it being set to static would have prevented that.

Is this expected behaviour? What can I do to prevent this from happening?

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