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I have some VMs on a physical server and I need to migrate them on another physical server. Both server are running Xen hypervisor. I attempted to migrate them simultaneously by executing the commands shown below.

xl migrate vm01 destination & 
xl migrate vm02 destination &
xl migrate vm03 destination &

I observe that although all the three processes are running only the first one is migrating to the destination, and when this has migrated the second starts migrating and so on!

When I do the same with different destinations eg.

xl migrate vm01 destination1 & 
xl migrate vm02 destination2 &
xl migrate vm03 destination3 &

All three virtual machines are migrating simultaneously.

The problem is that I need to migrate them simultaneously on the same destination. It seems that this is not possible(probably, the incoming VMs on the destination are queued and served one by one).

Does any one knows if that is the case or has another approach that works?



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