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I need to add RAM to a web server on a production environment.

The server is a Windows 2008 server VM running on ESXi 5 that does not support hot plugging of memory.

I want to add RAM to it and it has to be done outside working hours. I am wondering if it's possible to schedule a task to add the RAM to the VM and then turn on the machine.

I know I have the choice of doing it manually myself but I'm wondering if it's possible to automate it via a scheduled task.

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We haven't had a chance to start playing with center operations / orchestration yet... But I suspect the feature may exist there? –  lVlint67 Feb 26 at 12:47
I would have thought this could be achieved with PowerCLI to shutdown the VM, edit the settings and then power on the VM –  Tim Alexander Feb 26 at 12:49
@TimAlexander you are correct. It only took 10 more minutes of googling around to find the answer: ict-freak.nl/2010/05/07/… –  er_tomas Feb 26 at 12:56
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Yep PowerCLI should do this.

A combination of Shutdown-VMGuest, Get-VM | Set-VM and GET-VM | start-vm should allow you to do this if you save as a ps1 file you should be able to use task scheduler to run the script out of hours.

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Here's an example: ict-freak.nl/2010/05/07/… –  er_tomas Feb 26 at 13:00
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Despite the fact that this can be scheduled or automated, I would still insist on doing the VM hardware modification work manually. It's clearly not something that needs to be replicated large-scale, and the amount of time it takes is minimal. I don't understand why you wouldn't do this live.

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