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I am trying to set up a mail server which will sign outgoing messages with a dkim signature. Part of that process is to set up a dns record for my senders domain with the public key of the key used to sign the message.

I already have a valid spf key in the txt record.

how do I format the txt record in the dns which contains both sets of information?

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You don't!

SPF and DKIM will not share the same FQDN, as the DKIM key owner name is in the form:


Where SPF will always have the same owner name as the sending domain (ie. yourdomain.com)

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And you can add multiple txt records in any case. –  quadruplebucky Feb 26 at 23:26
I don't really understand what that means - and your answer sort of assumes I do (as does every other article on the internet that I can find). There is a third party who provides the nameserver for mydomain.com, and I can add A records for one level below it, and my mail server obviously uses one of those subdomains for itself(mail.mydomain.com). Do I have to set up a name server somewhere else to serve this lower level? –  akc42 Feb 27 at 23:16

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