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I have a simple Wordpress site with the Contact Form 7 plugin. When submitting a form via the site it can takes in excess of 30 seconds to process.

Contact 7 uses Sendmail to deliver the emails (to an external address). Form submission never fails (but is very slow), the rest of the site is fine speed-wise.

Is there a way to profile Sendmail to find out what is taking so long?

The address it its sending to is a Google Mail account and always gets through.

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First question is - are you 100% sure that it's sendmail that's being slow? Can/have you perform some debugging on the plugin script to see that it's not hanging on a DB reference or something? – Mark Henderson Aug 24 '09 at 21:27

if you can watch the mail logs in real time, you will see the time between the mail gets into queue and it is actually sent and be sure it is a MTA problem or not

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Please see this answer, it was a FQDN problem.

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