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I have the following:

  • An Active Directory domain: ad.example.com.
  • A web server: www.ad.2nditeration.ca.

The DNS zone ad.example.com. has:

  • A record for www
  • Access to www.ad.2nditeration.ca.

This works fine internally.

I want the users to connect via www.example.com like they do when connecting remotely.

Is it standard and normal practice to create a new zone minus the "ad." part of you AD domain for your public namespace?

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Why not to just add Cname for www.example to ad.example.com in DNS. –  Abhishek Anand Amralkar Feb 28 at 4:52
you can't really have an ad.example.com without having an example.com zone ... It is not exactly clear what you are asking –  lVlint67 Feb 28 at 7:31
From what I see adding a CNAME just creates an alias within the zone. I have created a Active Directory domain ad.example.com. The zone ad.2nditeration.ca is automatically generated in DNS. When this DNS server receives a query for example.com it recursivly gets a responce from public DNS server that returns my public IP address. I need my DNS server to respond to the query instead of looking for an answer. Is it standard practice to just create a new zone? –  Graham.Fraser Mar 12 at 18:24

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