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I've been tasked with managing an old Windows 2003 server which will be decommissioned later this year. I just need to keep the server up and running long enough.

The space on the server is running low. I've cleaned out the most that I can and also compressed some old files, but space is still low on C:

Look like I am able to move the pagefile over to D:\ which has plenty of space. Both C: and D: are partitioned of the same physical drive (RAID-10), so I'm hoping the performace will be (around) the same. I'm not looking to increase speed, but hoping that it would not cause any significant slowness.

Does anyone see any issues I might encounter moving the pagefile over to D:?

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No. I can't think of any technical reason why there would be a downside to moving the pagefile location to another drive of sufficient size in your situation. In fact we do this for all of our servers to improve deduplication rates.

Additionally, I have found that if you are running up against disk space limitations that WinDirStat is useful in identifying where your storage is used.

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