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I'm using a freenas server for the office project files accessed by multiple users.

I have an offsite backup for security purposes. Now I don't want to bring a 32 TB raid array to the office to sync every couple of days.

Is it possible to only copy new or changed files from the server to a small disk? And to copy the directory structure with it?

This way I could only copy the new or changed files and update the offsite backup manually.

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If the target disk doesn't have all the files then rsync cannot compare or know what changed. "New or changed files" would be a local (origin server) concept. Possible solution: you can use find to find new files (changed today etc, for ex find /path/to/folder -mtime +1 -exec ...), then create soft links of the result to a separate directory for syncing and then sync up with rsync that directory to the remote disk using the --copy-links option so it copies the files not just the links –  LinuxDevOps May 1 at 12:45

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