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I would like to be able to change active directory passwords via a Linux/Apache based webpage. This would be a self serve web page for the user. I have SSL-LDAP setup on the Active Directory to make this happen. Is there any project or code out there that will do this?

I've looked at this phpadadmin and I cannot get it to work. I think this is for IIS/php/mySQL

Another thing to note is I would like the user to authenticate to change their own password. The product/service should not need a privileged account to run.

Thanks Keith

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Active Directory uses some sort of proprietary hashing. I dropped a similar project, unable to find a solution. – Andrioid Aug 30 '09 at 8:10
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I don't know of any pre-built solutions, but you could pretty easily create a web page which shells out and executes 'adtool'.

See a nice overview here:

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phpadadmin is just a wrapper for adLDAP.

Both of which require the php-ldap extension be installed.

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Check out some of the PERL Win32:OLE modules or just any LDAP module for that matter. I once wrote a perl CGI web app for doing the same thing using the Win32:OLE module but AD is just LDAP.

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For a paid solution, myPassword from Namescape handles this pretty nicely.

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Looks like this is a webpage solution. However, this does not fulfill my requirements. I'm looking for something that runs in a Linux/Apache environment. – keithosu Aug 30 '09 at 20:10

checkout this link, it should be possible to get phpldapadmin to tie in with an Active Directory server to get the job done.

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The LDAP Tool Box Self Service Password does exactly this. And it is open source!

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From the LDAP toolbox Self Service Password docs for Active Directory: Due to PHP LDAP API limitations, changing password as user is not possible. You need to change it as manager.

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Editing your answer to add a link to those docs would be helpful. – pjmorse Sep 23 '12 at 17:38

CorendalDirectory is FREE and a pretty sophisticated LAMP and Web-based AD management tool.

It has the self-service password changing you are looking for and even user and group template based object creation, too.

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Self-service password from the LTB-project is a simple open source PHP application to allow users to change their own password on any LDAP server. It is compatible with AD.

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