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Hi running all latest MS updates - as a result of one of the updates From month of feb patch Tuesday I now find that my .net application which hosts a port on 8081 for HTTP remote access is now blocked.

If I uninstall all the updates access is returned - but not been able to trace which update causes this problem.

If i disable the firewall the port is still blocked also if I attempt to change port it is blocked

Sort of errors I get from application is 07/03/2014 17-58-09] Web Remoting, error occured while listening, error: Access is denied Also a load of these [07/03/2014 21-34-29] Error occured while setting priority for process: Access is denied

(The application controls game servers)

Could this now be as a result of the updates the application needs to be run as Admin ? - I have now checked the Admin option on the exe the problem being if I restart the Application to test this it takes down all my client game servers so trying to make sure I find the cause before restarting and effecting the users

The last batch of updates are -:

Sorry I am not able to add image :(

I need to keep the Security updates as the server gets attacked a lot so finding myself going round in circles with this. I found some related details to this problem from an old batch of MS updates in 2013 which was resolved by MS

I have run the MBSA analyzer and all up to date on that

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now found the solution. It appears after the Feb patch updates a lot of changes are made to secure the OS - In this case my application no longer had permissions to do a lot of its functions it could do before the patch updates. – Heatsink Mar 8 '14 at 18:48
after the updates are installed or before should not matter simply open the folder location where the application is and right click on the application exe and select properties. under compatibility tick run as administrator and click apply - Application will need to be restarted for the changes to take effect. Sounds simple I know but as the application was running without this prior to updates took some finding :( Hope this helps someone else with similar issues after the updates. – Heatsink Mar 8 '14 at 18:49

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