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I have installed postfixadmin 2.3.6 and im using squirrelmail vacation plugin. Postfixadmin is working good i can add/edit/delete email accounts and vacation or forwards / aliases. I have problems with xmlrpc on squirrelmail plugin.

I already configured as below:


$CONF['xmlrpc_enabled'] = true;
$CONF['vacation'] = 'YES';
$CONF['vacation_control'] ='YES';
$CONF['vacation_control_admin'] = 'YES';

on postfixadmin squirrelmail config

global $AllowVacation;
$AllowVacation = true;

and YES i have correct URL

$CONF['xmlrpc_url'] = 'http://my-domain/xmlrpc.php';

I'm using PHP 5.3 with xmlrpc module already installed, zendframework1 but when I'm login to squirrelmail and then to vacation i can put password but then I got

Failed to login to xmlrpc instance

this is apache2 error log of virtual where squirrelmail exist

[Sun Mar 09 16:31:47 2014] [error] [client my-ip] PHP 2. get_xmlrpc() 
/home/squirrelmail/plugins/postfixadmin/postfixadmin_vacation.php:5, referer: 
[Sun Mar 09 16:31:47 2014] [error] [client my-ip] Failed to login to xmlrpc instance - ,referer: 

I have squirrelmail and postfixadmin where is xmlrpc.php on two separate domains but on same server


I don't know what can be wrong, I was trying everything :) maybe some of You have same problems and solved it?

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