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I created my own PXE/NFS network boot server on Ubuntu 12.04 as explained here. I can write to files on client side if I change /etc/exports file like this on server side:

/srv/ubuntulivecd/        *(rw,async,no_root_squash,no_subtree_check) 

I want to change files only locally. I mean this shouldn't change the file on NFS partition if I write to the file on local. If i change rw(read-write) option to ro(read-only), I can't change files (as expected) because of permissions. Is there a way to change files locally or temporary(all files have to be removed after reboot or power off) on client side ?

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In the client, you can copy the files to tmpfs (the same a live-cd boots to). You need to set a union type FS (aufs) between the RO filesystem on NFS and a tmpfs RW filesystem on your local machine.

example for tmps:
$ mount -t tmpfs no_device /tmp

now everything you do on /tmp will work on ramfs

example for union:
$ ls dir1
$ ls dir1/subdir
$ ls dir2
$ ls dir2/subdir
$ mkdir dir_union
$ mount -t aufs -o dirs=dir1=rw:dir2=ro no_device dir_union
$ ls dir_union
$ ls dir_union/subdir
file1 file2

notice the dir1=rw and dir2=ro. now you can $ rm dir_union/subdir/file2 , which should be ro, but in the union you can modify it and you will get no error. In fact only the differencies are mapped. If you do

$ ls -la dir_union
file1 .wh.file2

where .wh.file2 is a file that mappes the differencies.

The same with a CD rom:

$ mount -o ro /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom
mount -t tmpfs no_device /mnt/rw
mount -t aufs -o dirs=/mnt/rw=rw:/mnt/cdrom=ro no_device /mnt/union

Here you will see all the original files of the CD-rom in /mnt/union. If you modify them, the differencies are mapped, the files can be changed in /mnt/union, but the original files in /mnt/cdrom stay unchanged.

Now, as exercice, do it for a NFS mount ;)


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