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I'm the admin for our project's SQL Server 2008, with SSRS Standard Edition. We've encountered 2 issues with one recurring which we suspect it's a bug but we can't find any information on it. These issues doesn't occur in our testing environment even with copy of production data. The issues revolved around a particular RDL that we update more frequently than others.

  • In this RDL, we have 5 tables displaying 5 set of data taken from a single RSD. There's condition in each table to take the appropriate data to be displayed. Data in each table is unique to itself. Since 2 weeks ago, we notice that data on the 3rd table was replicated to the 4th and 5th table, the same thing doesn't happen in our testing environment. The RDL is of the same copy in both environment. We restarted the SSRS service and the issue was resolved. Last week, it happened again, but this time restarting SSRS doesn't help anymore. We strongly believe this to be a bug in SSRS. We've yet to decide to run any update on SQL and SSRS unless we're sure that it will fix this issue.
  • Sometime ago we had a problem with this report on the same server, it won't update no matter how many time we tried to replace it via the web interface. We also notice that the property page is not displaying properly and the RSD is shown not attached to that RDL (we have one RDS per RDL). At the end, we have to delete the report folder (containing all our reports) and deploy from VS2010 to resolve that issue.

We're not sure if the later issue has anything to do with the former one, but some how both issues occured on this particular report only.

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