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I want to build Apache in Visual Studio 2010 on Windows 7, but I am having trouble even opening the project. I'm running windows 7 and downloaded the Apache source code for version 2.2.26 from HERE

When i unzip the contents there is a file, Apache.dsp which launches Visual Studio, but instead of opening the different projects I get an error. It first says it needs to convert the project for this version of Visual studio, but then I get an error "cannot load the project due to a corrupt project file"

Since then I've tried visual studio 2008 and 2006 c++ express edition's and a different computer, all of which give me the same error when I try to open the project. Has anyone gotten Apache up and going in Visual studio 2010 on Windows 7 and if so could you share how you did it. I've searched for documentation, but can't seem to find any that solves my problem.

I've also read apache's own guide found HERE which didn't give me much help.

If this is impossible or not advisable could you suggest a different approach. Thank you.

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Sorry, but "How do I compile Apache" is out of scope for Server Fault -- we deal with the administration of the software, not the operation of your compiler/IDE. If you're having difficulty with the build process you can contact the Apache project for assistance. Apache on Windows is something of a white elephant though - the general consensus on SF is "If you're on Windows use IE. If you need Apache run some kind of Unix." –  voretaq7 Mar 14 at 19:46