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I want to change country code of all user existing in one OU. I am using windows server 2003 enterprises edition, in which DNS is active directory integrated.

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You can try to create a VBScript which will edit the properties of all your users in a particular OU, using this :

objUser.Put "c", "US"

Where "US" is your country.

Using something like : (sample from VBsedit)

' Modify User Account Address Attributes

Set objUser = GetObject _

objUser.Put "streetAddress", "Building 43" & _
    VbCrLf & "One Microsoft Way"
objUser.Put "l", "Redmond"
objUser.Put "st", "Washington"
objUser.Put "postalCode", "98053"
objUser.Put "c", "US"
objUser.Put "postOfficeBox", "2222"

Then you use some $var for changing specific name in the first "cn=" or just do a loop.

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